Who gets to participate in the Canadian political debates?

There is a lot of discussion right now in Canada around the fact that Elizabeth May, leader of the federal green party, has not been invited to the national debates again. This happened initially last time as well, but that decision was eventually rescinded due to public backlash. It’s likely to happen again based on what I’ve seen. But it makes me wonder a bigger question, what criteria should we be using to determine who gets to attend the national debates?



What criteria should be used to decide who attends the Canadian political debates

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3 thoughts on “Who gets to participate in the Canadian political debates?

  1. [email protected] says:

    I think it is reminiscent of NAZI Germany in the 30’s that the” propogangnster” ministry shuts down a voice of legitimate dissent. Green Party had over a million votes…surely enough to qualify as a voice to be heard. May should be part of this debate.

  2. I would add the option “only parties with official party status,” which would also qualify for “parties with a certain % of the vote,” which is what I ended up choosing.

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