What good is your roll of change?

Not much, according to London Drugs. I had the misunderstanding that change had to be accepted, up to certain maximums that it’s not excessive. In Canada this is:

  • forty dollars if the denomination is two dollars or greater but does not exceed ten dollars;
  • twenty-five dollars if the denomination is one dollar;
  • ten dollars if the denomination is ten cents or greater but less than one dollar;
  • five dollars if the denomination is five cents; and
  • twenty-five cents if the denomination is one cent.

However the rule that┬ásupersedes┬áthese tender limits, according to the RCMP is that “The form of payment which is mutually acceptable to the parties to a transaction appears to us to be essentially a matter of private agreement between those parties. For example, a provider of goods or services could insist on payment by credit card or cheque.”


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