The government of Canada is now hiring: Prime Minister.

The Canadian government has just fallen, which means we’re headed into another election. This in theory is a great thing in a democracy, but sadly the reaction seems to be more like:


Why do we feel like that? Because I’ve not met one Canadian who is happy with the voting system we have. This results in record lows of citizens actually voting. If we, Canadians, want to vote for one thing this election, let it be a leader who will commit to electoral reform. Imagine we had a voting system where we felt our vote actually mattered, and that we could vote for something we actually believe in; otherwise, the few of us who vote will continue to vote for the party we dislike the least.

One thought on “The government of Canada is now hiring: Prime Minister.

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more man. We need some serious change. I’m getting tired of ALL the politicians always being in a constant power struggle. Being the one on top is more important than getting sh*t done and running the country. What do you think the answer is? Some sort of STV system?

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