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  • cqwww 9:23 am on July 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Ultra Modern Condo For Sale Downtown Victoria 

    I have a one bedroom condo for sale downtown Victoria priced at $239,999 $220,000. They say location is important in choosing real estate, this location is perfect. You can walk to anything you need, I’ve sold my car since moving into this condo. It’s a rare perfect 100 on walkscore.com. It is zoned for work, or home, and is perfect for either, because of the location. I’m willing to negotiate a rent-to-own option, I’ve done it for others in the past with previous houses I’ve owned. It also makes a great income property, it’s currently rented at over $1400/m. As I’m not using an agent, we can both save several thousand dollars in the transaction. This is why I’m only asking cost, so that we can save ourselves a long negotiation.

    Kithen Area The Kitchen Area with matching appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave)

    • Gas fireplace (Gas is included in the strata, and all that I’ve used to heat the condo!)
    • Zoned for both work or home purposes!
    • Large South & West facing windows that are over 6′ tall from the ground; maximum sun exposure in the afternoons
    • Approximately 500sq ft, feels really large when blinds are open!
    • Deck area with professional landscaping and irrigation included
    • Washer and Dryer in suite (in bedroom closet!)
    • Concrete flooring
    • Deep soak bathtub with contemporary fixtures
    • Ample closet space
    • Two secure entrances/exits
    • Appliances to be negotiated: Microwave, oven/stove, dishwasher, fridge, washer and dryer 
    • Parking not included, but several nearby lots offering parking for an additional monthly fee
    • Shared rooftop area
    • Investment property; Rentals are OK!
    • Pets are OK!


    Inside at night

    Cozy at night with the fireplace. Unlimited gas is included.


    Cute landscaped deck Cute deck with professional landscaping and irrigation included.

    Living area Living area with magnetic chalkboard wall. I’m willing to negotiate furniture included.


    Deep soak tub Deep soak tub

    Ultra Modern sink with concrete counter Ultra Modern sink with concrete counter

    in suite washing machine and dryer in suite washing machine and dryer

    If you’re interested in seeing the condo, feel free to contact me.



    UPDATE from my mortgage broker:

    I have a cash back program I offer the buyer of your place. It’s useful towards paying off debt and/or lowering the mortgage principle. Let whomever know to contact me and I can help you save the penalty. With as little as 5% down the condo payment is 881/mo; it’s cheaper than down town rent. And no GST! I can offer as much as $4400 cash back to the buyer. And yes rates are rising, so waiting for a price drop won’t help, you’ll end up paying thousands more in extra interest costs.

    • cqwww 1:52 pm on January 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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      Map of cheap meals in British Columbia 

      Enjoy my map of cheap meals in British Columbia! If you know of anywhere in British Columbia you can get a proper meal for $5 or less, please contact me and I’ll add it to the following map:

      If you’re a fan of frugal food and live in Vancouver, you might also enjoy my crowd sourced spreadsheet of the cheapest places in the city to get fruits & vegetables.

      Update: April 2, 2018: Vancouver Food Asset Map

    • cqwww 3:03 pm on January 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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      Biospace, and the DIYBIO movement 

      Derek Jacoby and I made a TEDGlobal video, if only for a picture (3:49 in the video). This video is from the TED talk by Ellen Jorgensen of Genspace fame talking about the earth changing DIYBIO movement.

      Last spring, Derek and I launched Biospace (Facebook page), the first bio-tech community lab in Canada, based here in Victoria, British Columbia. If you’re in the area, you should definitely come check it out!

      Make no mistake, bio-tech is where computing technology was 40 years ago, we’re on the edge of a paradigm shift. Be a part of if it!

      • cqwww 7:23 pm on July 30, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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        I’m speaking at Pecha Kucha 10 this Thursday in Victoria, B.C. 

        I look forward to speaking at Pecha Kucha 10 this Thursday in Victoria, B.C. I’ll be speaking on Ideas Meetings, what they are, where they started, where they are now, and where they’re headed. If you’re in Victoria, I hope you can join me!

        Pecha Kucha 10


        • cqwww 11:52 pm on April 6, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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          What produce is in season? 

          Thanks to a conversation with Janice M and Maryanne C, a couple of Victoria’s food experts and friends, I was pointed to a list of all of the fresh produce that is available in the 250 area code. See the Island Farm Fresh website for the list.

          • cqwww 8:08 am on March 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply
            Tags: , Amsterdam, awesome, , cannabis, Dean Fortin, LEAP, legalization, marijuana, NEO, New Economic Order, , Ross Honeywell, Victoria   

            Welcome to the New Amsterdam 

            Victoria has always been a tourist city, but for the first time in a long time, that is going to hit new heights. We have a new city council, lead once again by a progressive mayor who isn’t afraid to lead the way with positive change.

            On March 12, 2012, councillor Ben Isitt proposed a motion to the Governance and Priorities Committee entitled, “Support a Regulatory Approach to Cannabis Control”. On Thursday, March, 15th, the motion was passed. On March 22nd at 7:30pm, this vote will go in front of the entire city council.

            This signals a proactive change in the community; it will instantly affect organized crime in the area, who until now have been in an unregulated industry. Now, cannabis will be regulated in the same way it is for medicinal usage; but now you’ll have to be of age, know that it’s not been laced with drugs, and the province will profit. Perhaps we can put a percentage of that profit into mental health research.

            I’m not sure Victoria is ready for a tourism boost of this scale; we’ll once again be a glimmer in the eye of the globe trotters who are looking for a place that prioritizes on health, safety and leisure. According to those to study the new economic order (NEO), the most money is spent by people who focus on travel and tourism around experience, pleasure, wine, and food.

            On March 22nd, when this vote happens in city council, unless you support organized crime and the unregulated, violent distribution of cannabis, get every business professional in the community you know to endorse this motion. We’re about to once again become world leaders, and watch the rest of our jurisdictional neighbours follow our lead.

            If you’d like to send the mayor an email in support of this motion, fill out this form and send it on to your friends and family!

            • Ryan Flach 12:17 am on March 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

              Dear Mayor, I am in FULL support of the “Regulatory approach to Cannabis control” motion put forth by councillor Isitt. This is a great and unique opportunity to boost the local economy with added tourism revenue. Also this is a great opportunity to take an enormous bite out of the pocket-books of organized criminals, gangs and unregulated narcotic dealers.

              • Ryan Flach 12:20 am on March 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

                oops my bad! disregard 🙂

                • Haha 7:28 am on March 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

                  Ha.. You must of been on the bud.

            • Andy 3:04 pm on March 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply

              Uh, I hate to kill the buzz but this resolution doesn’t actually create or dismantle any laws or city programs. It’s simply a resolution to announce what Victoria ‘thinks’ should be done. As much as this move is a step in the right direction, it’s convincing or electing a federal government that’s the main concern.

            • Torbjorn 7:28 pm on March 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply

              While I think this is great and I’d love this input to Victoria – – won’t this initiative still take months if not years of negotiating with Ottawa? I don’t think local politics, or even Provincial work has much say over “drug” policy in a city. Council can approve and so can the Mayor, but I don’t see Ottawa giving Victoria the go-ahead that quickly to make it a revenue incentive . This is, and will continue to be, a Federal battle.

              Guess it has to start somewhere! thanks for the post,

          • cqwww 6:03 pm on February 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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            Feeling blue, at the end of an era… 

            After ~87 years, the Johnson street bridge in Victoria, also known as the blue bridge, is being dismantled. You can read the details on the city of Victoria website. Click on the following picture at any time to see the latest, the picture updates every two minutes:




            • Ryan Steele 12:40 am on February 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

              You know it’s only the rail portion of the bridge that’s being dismantled, right? The rest won’t be torn down until the new bridge has been completed in 2016.

            • Rich Poulin 8:21 pm on August 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

              I just stumbled across your blog so it’s this is a little late, but I made a time-lapse of the rail removal and posted it to my YouTube channel. It was interesting seeing it go, but as a cyclist who crosses this bridge daily, I am happy to see some more suitable infrastructure being built.

              Anyway, here’s the link:

          • cqwww 3:20 am on February 3, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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            Sunsets in Victoria 

            We have some amazing sunsets, tonight was one of the best this year!



            • cqwww 8:22 am on January 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply
              Tags: , David Parfit, G++, Justin Love, Limbic Media, Manj Benning, Scott Amos, Victoria   


              If you’ve done anything in the digital interactive media circuit in Victoria, you’ve crossed paths with the talented David Parfit and/or Scott Amos. On Friday I had the opportunity to witness the launch of their latest art project, Atagamaton which is currently on interactive display at G++.
              One of the city’s newest videographers to watch out for, Cassie O’Neil, filmed the launch party which I was fortunate enough to attend:

              Next time you’re walking by 1119 Fort Street, don’t hesitate to give a try. There are many easter eggs hidden in the exhibit, that would taken an open mind and some experimentation to discover. Enjoy!

              • cqwww 2:52 pm on January 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply
                Tags: blizzard, snow, snowball, snowman, Victoria,   

                It’s snowing! 

                It's fairly rare that it snows in Victoria, perhaps a bi-annual event. Right now it's really coming down here downtown, and it started last night. Around midnight I was texting with a new neighbour in the downtown core, Holly, we agreed we should have a snowball fight. A short, wet fight later we decided to build a snowman. As most of the snow that lasts more than a minute seems to be more on the grassy areas than concrete (sidewalks or roads) we found a decent grass patch in front of the Market on Yates. We proceeded to build a snowman, and wanted to make sure he would bring a smile to any who saw him.

                After completion, we took a couple pictures and proceeded to walk away as a bunch of alcohol fueled hipsters proceeded to run over to it to smash it; I asked abruptly just before the snowman was punched in the face, literally midswing, "We literally just finished making him…" at which point he stopped, challenged if we were actually the snowman's makers, and by then decided to catch up with his friends who had continued on without him.

                I didn't think he'd last more than an hour, but to my surprise he's still there as of writing this, the next day:

                market on yates

                Photo credit: Kris Constable



                In fact I see he's making at least a small impact, as I was pointed to this on Facebook: 



                Photo credit:  Stacy W 


                He has one goal, to make you smile… at least, while he lasts.


                UPDATE: Someone sent a picture into CHEK news, and it made the newscast! See the first picture in this video. Unfortunately the picture was taken from the back of the snowman…

                • cqwww 9:30 pm on December 6, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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                  Victoria co-working space 

                  Over the years, we’ve seen several co-working spaces come and go. We’ve not seen a model yet that we thought would survive, even from the beginning. Over 2 years of planning, which started with the Ideas – Victoria group, we’ve been slowly building a model that not only do we think would sustain, but one that many of our members would want to participate in. Here is how we see it happening:

                  • Needs to accessible to down-town Victoria by walking or bicycle
                  • $400/month all inclusive (this gets you a regular desk, day in and day out, with broadband internet access; utilities, lease, insurance)
                  • You pay 6 months up front, with a 2 year lease commitment
                  • Access to regular learning and mentor sessions with industry experts
                  • A vetting system — all members should offer complementary services
                  It appears as though I’ve found a space, and a landlord who understands our needs and is willing to work with us to meet these goals. If you or anyone you know would be interested in a space like this, please have them contact Kris at [email protected].


                • cqwww 9:30 pm on August 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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                  25th Victoria Fringe launches today 

                  After catching a couple fringe shows several years ago, I was fortunate enough to win a fringe “Superpass” at the after party, that would allow me to see all of the shows the next year. I went a little fringe crazy, seeing well over a dozen shows in a week. By doing this, I had no idea what to expect in any show, and I loved that. It was an experience I’ll never forget, I saw shows that made me laugh, and even one that made me cry!

                  After that I stopped going solely to the shows that are sure to sell out and started going to the unknowns. I’ve also attended over a dozen every year since, I can’t get enough of them!

                  This year marks the 25th event, and they got a bunch of free events as well. If it’s your first time, check out the how-to guide or download the iphone app.

                  This will be my fourth or fifth year of fringing in Victoria, and my only challenge is which ones can I fit into my week? I hope to see you there!


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