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    An inspiring talk for hackers with depression by Mitch Altman 

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      Project – Help someone out 

      This post is about my latest project idea – Help someone out.

      Version 0.2 – Oct 24th 10:08am EST. Check back regularly, as I’ll be updating this post based on your feedback.  I’m writing this from Peterborough, Ontario, where I’m less likely to be recognized and hope to run this project. Feel free to replicate the project in your community. Here’s my idea so far:

      I pick someone at random. I find a way to have them trust me, and confide in me their biggest non-financial challenges in life. The current plan to to suggest this is a research project, and in exchange for answering a few personal questions, I can provide them a gift certificate that has to be used the same evening.

      I will take this information, and put it out on social media, for my social network, and the community, to see what we can do to resolve these issues.

      In exchange for trusting me to answer these vulnerable questions, as a surprise I give them a great experience which would include perhaps a great meal (any local restaurants interested in donating?) and a new wardrobe (any local clothing stores interested in helping out?). If you’re a local business, and would like to help, drop me an email. I’ll do a follow-up post listing all the local businesses that participated along with the experience.

      Other local business ideas: hair cutting? theatre/concert? spa type treatments? What could your business donate?

      During this time the individual is having this great experience, the participating community would see how much of the surprised individual’s issues we could resolve, as a surprise. I was initially thinking of asking them to let me video record some of it, but I don’t the project to be exploitative from the perspective of making them feel uncomfortable… the goal is to have them leaving impressed and hopefully amazed at what a community can do when it comes together.


      Questions I’d love your feedback on:

      1. How should I choose someone? It was suggested I take submissions and pick someone, but I’m leaning towards picking someone at random, as it seems less popularity based, and would be more challenging. What do you think?
      2. What would it take for you to trust a stranger (such as me) to propose something like this and you to open up with your biggest life challenges? How do we have them not wonder what the catch is, or that we expect something?
      3. If you’re willing to help, how can you help
      4. What should the outcome be? Is a follow-up post with the story adequate? (I like the idea of the individual remaining pseudo-anonymous, other than the local businesses and myself that help them out)

      You can comment below, or contact me on email or Twitter using #ptbohelps


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        Black Tie Dinner III 

        Exactly one year since the last one, it’s time for Black Tie Dinner III! If you’ve never heard about black tie dinner, click here. This time we’re taking over the food court on the top floor of the Bay Centre. What do you have to do if you’re interested?

        • Join us on the Facebook event page
        • Wear your finest dining attire! (Black tie/tux/suit & formal dresses)
        • Bring along your own china and nineteenth century cutlery, as well as a table cloth and formal napkins (fine dining place setting)
        • After you order your food, casually grab the next empty table, place your table cloth on it and set the table. Remove your food from it’s packages, and place it on your china plate. Remove all evidence of commercial packaging, so any pictures look like we’re in a fine dining establishment.

        Let’s see how much of the food court we can fill up! If you take any pictures or videos, post them on the Facebook wall or email kris at ideawave.ca and I’ll post them here!

        from the first black tie dinner at McDonalds on Pandora

        from the first black tie dinner at McDonalds on Pandora


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          Profile: Mitch Altman, hacker. 

          I had the opportunity to meet Mitch Altman in Tokyo a few years ago, at the Tokyo hackerspace. Mitch is a rare breed; he's got world class level of smarts, as well as a generous serving of social skills, eager to help anyone interested in learning. It was because of him I soldered together a Brain Machine, which I've since hacked further into a 4 person device which made it into the Victoria Open Source Art gallery which I enttitled the Community Experience Exhibit

          Mitch's probably most known for his involvement in creating Noisebridge, the first official hackerspace, based in San Fransisco. I've been fortunate to have my second visit this year only two weeks ago, with a group of some of the world's top DIY bio-tech hackers. If you've not heard of him from Noisebridge, which is a must visit if you're ever in the area, he was the inventor of TV-B-Gone which has financed his lifestyle of travelling the world, teach people electronics and how to solder. How motivating! 

          Having just seen Mitch being interviewed on what is a hacker, I see today he's doing an IaMa on Reddit this afternoon, as well having an exciting active kickstarter project, the NeuroDreamer sleep mask. If you're in the U.S, he's currently part of the "hackers on a train" project, see if he's coming to your town. If you support awesome, and idealism, I can't think of someone more apropos. Thanks Mitch, for being awesome.

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            Can you afford to give up a few vegetables? 

            Thanks to Victoria city councilor Lisa Helps, I was made aware of a Victoria citizen who has made a request for vegetables. I can't imagine making such a request is easy for the ego, and who knows when each of us may need to make a similar request. As such, I've decided to relay it here in hopes I have a friend that can help Chris out: 

            So here's my deal: I'm on welfare, but my expenses don't leave me any money for food. I've been trying to solicit odd jobs, but it's been slow. What I am most seriously lacking in my life is veggies. I have stopped eating meat and so soup kitchens are out. I am wondering if anyone is into bartering. I'm an excellent writer, can install Linux on your computer, help you set up a website, help you convert your diesel vehicle to straight vegetable oil or build a biodiesel processor, can do basic carpentry and repairs…whatever, ask me, maybe I have the skills required. I'm also offering my services for cash of course, but it seems hard to come by for a lot of folks. I have plans I'm working on to bring money in, but I desperately need food like tomorrow. I've got a decent amount of rice, noodles, potatoes, quinoa, etc, enough for a week or so but no veggies. Would really like to have some broccoli, kale, spinach, brussel spouts and other healthy green stuff every day.

            ​If you can help him out, email [email protected] or message him through his Facebook page. If you'd rather so anonymously, feel free to contact me.

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              The tender conscious of the herd 

              One of my younger brothers started a blog and I found a quote that really resonated with me, "[It] really wasn't a necessity. It was more of an attempt to serve the tender conscious' of the herd-minded around me."

              It seems to be the popular opinion that we should make decisions in life solely for ourselves, without the consideration of others. The issue is we live in communities, full of people with differing opinions and views than our own, that we rely on to meet our goals and objectives. So the question to anyone reading this, where do you draw the line between making decisions based solely on your personal beliefs, and reacting based on societal norms that allow us to fit in more comfortably with those around us? 

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                Your social network 

                As people are justifiably upset with the privacy issues around Facebook, and several friends have left that network altogether recently, I’ve been wondering how the ideal social network would work.

                I decided instead of trying to change Facebook to be better, I’ll just create my own. I had the domain name peeper.ca registered for a video (not dirty videos as some have alluded by the name) website that never took off, I decided to create the social network there for now. Give it a try, join us, and post on “the wire” on the website on how we can make the site awesome, for you!

                Get a peep into the lives of those in your social network: peeper.ca


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                  Social Innovation in British Columbia 

                  I’m fortunate to have been chosen as one of the top 500 social innovators in British Columbia, and have been invited to participate in the discussion around this topic tomorrow. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can organize, and share ideas and practices to generate solutions, let me know and I will bring them up.

                  Although the conference is invite only, it will be webcast so you can watch from the comfort of your home. If you’re interested, check out the Innovate BC conference website. For those attending, I look forward to dialoguing with you tomorrow!

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                    The Pathway Project 

                    As I’ve been on both sides of the interview desk, I had the opportunity today to work with Jen and Randy last week who are doing amazing work at The Pathway Project. The program teaches you life skills, and assists you to get back into the workplace. I wasn’t sure what level to expect of the participants. I would have hired the large majority of them on the spot, as being in this intense program requires an unprecedented dedication that most facilities don’t require of the youth; for example, you must be not just be on time, but 15 minutes early for every single day you’re in the program. From their website:

                    Are you between the ages of 15 and 30, out of school and out of work? The Pathway Project may be just the thing for you. Participants are paid to look for work – plus, you’ll get Food Safe, SuperHost, and First Aid Level One certifications . How cool is that? AND we can offer a wage subsidy to an employer as an incentive to hire you!

                    If this means you, give Jen or Randy a call! 250-391-1487. or come by and check out the project in person – 101-847 Goldstream Avenue, behind Timmy’s and see if it’s a fit for you. If you’re a local employer, I would contact them as well, as they provide facilitation throughout the process, and are dealing only with people who have proven commitment and responsibility, and are eager to get back into the work place.

                    As I was fairly moved by this project, I asked Jen if there is anything a blog article could do to help them out, she said this is the feedback that most people feel after being in the space and seeing the great work they do. She wants you to come in and check it out, as as one of her focuses is connecting the community to these individuals who are marginalized. Here are a few suggestions that might apply to you or your organization:

                    • mock interviewing
                    • talk about hiring and firing practices
                    • teach a workshop
                    • an activity in the community

                    or just stop by for a visit and see what it’s all about!


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                      The sharing of ideas 

                      While ideas meetings started in Victoria over three years ago, and IdeaWave 2 years ago, there are now a bunch of other community based idea sharing groups in the city, including Pecha Kucha, as well as the various TEDx events that will start happening this year, the first one I believe to be TEDxJuandeFuca being this week-end.

                      Read Rob Wipond’s article in FOCUS magazine on all of these community based events.

                      You should also note that along the side of this blog, there is a Victoria based community calendar that lists all of these type of events and more. If you have a community event that’s similar, contact me to add it. If you’d like to embed the calendar into your website, also contact me and I’ll give you access. Let’s continue the spread of ideas, and making them happen!


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                        Ready to challenge yourself? 

                        A few friends and I have been working through self imposed self-development processes. Weekly we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone to learn more about ourselves and each other. The results have been very rewarding internally.  I think the more difficult the challenge is, the better you feel afterwards. The most recent challenge is this, and I pass it on to you:

                        Pick a friend you’ve never really had a good one-to-one with. Invite them out for a drink/bite to eat, and get to know them, find out something (the most) interesting they do, that you didn’t know they did. The next challenge is to give that interesting thing a try, whether or not you’ve done it before.

                        So last night I met with my new friend Carol-Lynne; when I asked her what the most interesting thing she does it, she stated immediately, “I like to meet strangers and make them feel awesome”. What an amazing and motivational thing for one to do! Now the ball is in my court, I have to meet a stranger myself, and somehow make them feel awesome.

                        Let me know if you try this challenge, I’d love to read what other interesting things people in the community are up to and how you faced the challenge!

                        • sealove 9:19 pm on February 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

                          I am interested to know if anyone else takes this on. It’s not unusual to acknowledge strangers for the things you notice about them from a fresh and nearly objective point of view. It’s valuable information to know how you appear.

                          Sorry for the poor writing structure, I’m in an interesting seminar about marketing and jingles.
                          Audio logos!!

                        • Victoria Westcott 5:58 am on February 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

                          Love this! Great idea Kris, and great inspiration from Carol-Lynne. Keep on spreading the awesomeness.

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                        A sneak peak into Victoria’s secrets 

                        This post will only be useful if you’re in Victoria, and on Facebook, but I have created a Facebook group called “Victoria’s secrets”. Not related to the lingerie business, but for us to discuss and share hidden gems found in and around Victoria. It’s one of the few Facebook groups I’m aware of that uses the discussions tab. Join the group, participate in the existing topics or create your own!

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