Questions for Jagmeet Singh and the NDP

I see that the NDP have decided to start negative attack ads as part of their campaign, which is something they committed not to do. These ads include lies and deceit, as well as a framing of a non-issue that leaves me wondering.

Image via Steve Ward on Facebook

and of course the Green Party replied:

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I notice that the NDP partisans here in BC are still running heavy on this non-issue, doubling down yesterday. Most notable cis-male NDP partisans have really ratcheted up this effort to debate what a woman should be doing with their bodies.

I was pointed to a Facebook video where Mrs. May saying that these are not even debatable issues, in front of Jagmeet, weeks before. So while the abortion debate is over in Canada, unless the NDP bring it back to the forefront which appears to be their efforts, the only thing I can see this campaign doing is perhaps showing the Green party has a Christian values alternative to the Conservatives — but with NDP invented misinformation.

Yesterday they decided to double down on the partisan rhetoric, decided that the Green Party and Abortions are the #1 issue this election, with Elizabeth May Said “Find Me Those Words.” We did. Except if you actually read the article, you realize they did not. They found a list of tangentially, and not even related at all, references that attack the Greens, which they again, promised not to do. But in no case do they quote that Mrs. May or the greens “oppose austerity budgets that cut services families need” or “will always defend the right to access a safe abortion”. This means that anyone reading this article from the NDP who is objective, and non-partisan, will see that they’re intentionally deceiving for partisan means, to an issue that is not a real issue. I have a lot of friends who are NDP, and the NDP are standing for some great tenants this election, but whoever is trying to still stand up this flagpole seems to be flying at half mast.

As a cis-male, I don’t feel I have the right to debate what a woman should do with her body, but I’ll leave this part of the discussion here stating that I believe Mrs. May will not vote for less safe abortions, even in the case of a Conservative minority.

Why I’m writing this article, is I’m wondering why aren’t the NDP addressing the elephant in their own room? We have the Alberta NDP loving, supporting, and subsidizing diluted bitumen pipelines, and we have the BC NDP doing the same for fracking and foreign owned “LNG Canada“.

This are my three questions, and I think the most important question that Jagmeet and the NDP should address this week:

What are Jagmeet and the federal NDP are committing to in regards to fracking, subsidies (and support of) LNG in BC, as well as foreign ownership of LNG Canada.

If there is any video of Jagmeet speaking on any of these three videos, I’d love to see them. This is a priority issue that will impact the environment and water systems for every British Columbian today, as well as the next generation. Why is the leader of the NDP silent on these three questions?