Announcing: Black Tie Dinner – Vancouver on April 12th, 2018

Summary: Black Tie Dinner on April 12th, 2018  18:00 at the McDonalds on Main Street, one block south of Main Street Station. [Facebook Event]

History: If you’ve not heard of it, I’ve run three (one, II, and III) Black Tie Dinners in Victoria, and they were all wildly successful, and by wildly successful I mean more than my friends showed up, and a great time was had by all. Seriously though, we usually fill at least 1/2 the restaurant, and most people are complete strangers, many whom have become friends since.


    • Wear your finest dining attire! (Black tie/tux/suit & formal dresses)
    •  Bring along your own china and nineteenth century cutlery, as well as a table cloth and formal napkins (fine dining place setting)
    •  After you order your food, casually grab the next empty table, place your table cloth on it and set the table. Remove your food from it’s packages, and place it on your china plate. Remove all evidence of McDonald’s packaging, so any pictures look like you’re in a fine dining establishment. Close up pics should like a formal restaurant. Wide angle pics should be hilarious.
    • Bonus: Sit with strangers whom are also dressed their best!
      from the first black tie dinner at McDonalds on Pandora

      from the first black tie dinner at McDonalds on Pandora


The above 8 pictures thanks to Mark McLaughlin from BTD II