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    A few Facebook Groups and Pages which may be of Interest 


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    Liar, Lyre: Why You Can No Longer Trust Anything You Hear 

    So, we’ve hit an interesting point in society. As of now, you can no longer trust the audio you hear from a phone call, an interview, or even a real-time conversation.

    There is an interesting technology solution that is now available to the general public which can effectively mimic the voice of anyone. You can see this technology for yourself at

    What you do is copy one minute from any person’s voice and Lyrebird will take that sample and build a unique “voice DNA”. From that sample, you can then construct any message you want, based on that person’s actual voice. You type a message and the voice that you uploaded says all the things you’re telling it to say.

    They have a pretty funny demo on the website where you can hear samples of “conversations” from Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and (of course) Donald Trump.

    So, from now on, whenever you hear a telephone call or anything you hear online, know that we are now in an era where you can no longer trust the human voice as being the authentic human voice that you think it is.

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    How Blockchain Can Help Solve One of the World’s Biggest Problems 

    Did you ever have one of those dreams where you come up with an awesome, world-changing idea but you wake up and realize you’ve forgotten the whole thing? Well, a few weeks ago, I had one of those dreams. But this time when I woke up, I remembered everything and I frantically scribbled down some notes before the idea was lost forever.

    Readers of this blog, or people who know me personally may also know that I’m mostly working on Decision Tree these days—and I’m always thinking about new ways of combining existing ideas together. Specifically, I’m thinking about how we can use the improved decision science of DecisionTree and combine it with altruism (instead of just the business purpose for which it’s traditionally geared).

    I remembered a few years ago that Dean Kamen (of Segway fame) had invented a water purification process—some kind of water vapour distillation system—that was tied to a sterling engine. The genius was that this engine could use anything as fuel—even cow dung—to help purify water in far flung places all over the world. If I recall, over a billion people, worldwide, are directly affected by a lack of clean drinking water, so this is a huge problem to overcome. I was struck by the fact that Kamen was taking a crack at solving it using very modest, yet adaptable tools.

    Tracking Your Charitable Donations with Blockchain

    When we give to charities, we often have in the back of our minds stories about how various charities take and/or misspend the money they collect. With my background in things like Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, I thought it would be pretty cool if we had an altruistic charity that people could choose to give however much they wanted into it. After giving that money, you get put into “decision tree” and you can choose exactly where those funds are allocated.

    Essentially, it would be a token-based system (which is very popular these days (especially if you follow things like Etherium or Ubiq). With this token system, money that you put in would be able to be distributed how you wanted it to be distributed. You would never have to worry that the money would be misspent because it would be going along a Blockchain and could be tracked and authenticated along its entire life cycle.

    For those of you who may not be familiar with some of this terminology, the Blockchain is a “double ledger” system (to use an accounting analogy) but it’s “immutable.” What that means is that you can’t delete the transaction. Wherever that token goes, it’s traceable forever—until the end of time! That’s why people often associate the “shiny object” with Bitcoin but in reality, the shininess definitely falls on Blockchain—this immutable double ledger that’s transparent forever!

    For example, did you know that for every Bitcoin that’s ever been used since day one seven or eight years ago, you can download the entire Blockchain for it? It’s like over 120 gigabytes right now and you can see every transaction where that money went from Account A  to Account Z (of course replacing A & B with hashes).

    Using Blockchain to Help Make Clean Water a Reality

    I’m really excited about this idea because according to Dean Kamen (mentioned above), we could actually solve the entire world’s clean water problem with only a couple of billion dollars. Kamen’s project, called Slingshot, was intended to be limited to selling it to one company—I think it was going to be Coca-Cola.

    We’re in this era of the sharing economy and crowdsourcing and so that is the other piece that I kind of merged into my “dream idea.” Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have a crowdsourced project that we could all put our money into and end dirty water around the world for everyone!

    Using the merged technologies of crowdsourcing, Blockchain and DecisionTree, we can put money into a clean water project and distribute it equally as we all see fit. We could even see on a map where there are water problems and choose which country or which regions that your money is going to. Using tokens of Blockchain, we can validate that it went exactly where it was intended.

    Although two billion dollars sounds like a lot of money, we live in a totally connected world. All the technology to achieve this vision of raising and allocating funds to completely eradicate dirty water already exists! There is nothing new that I would be inventing. It would just be merging Blockchain technology to the water solution systems that are out there now—and using DecisionTree to leverage and optimize the altruism of fellow humans!

    Charity: Water has the Means to Implement This Plan

    I came across an amazing non-profit, charity: water, that purports 100% of the money that you donate goes towards improving drinking water for people around the world. They use other channels like sponsors to provide the money for the administration side of their operations, so you have that assurance that your money is going to the cause itself and not just the administration of it.

    I’d love to chat with Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water about how we might get several very smart minds—with expertise in the technologies I’ve mentioned above—to get together in a room and end this problem in short order. Getting a marketing giant involved, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, would also help move this project along and get it seen by the right influential people that can help make it all happen. So, if you’re reading this and you have any connections to help make this dream a reality, please reach out and let me know.

    The secret to making this idea work is to merge existing projects, products and tech together that are already in existence. Once all these things are combined, coupled with a big enough campaign, we can solve the dirty water problem for every human being on Earth — everyone should have access to clean drinking water. That would be a pretty cool thing for any of us to be involved with, right?

    That’s my idea, in a nutshell. If anyone would like to talk to me directly about it, you can find me online or contact me on Twitter at @cqwww. Thanks, now let’s eradicate dirty water in our lifetime! How much, or what, would you contribute?

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    Giving without expectations 

    I was co-working in the social, ground floor area of my building when I noticed a man in a wheelchair going through the alley with a sweater dragging behind him. I ask my co-working friend Sascia if she can hold open the (self-locking) door open for a second while I help the guy by picking up his sweater.

    As I go outside behind him, I pro-actively say aloud, “I’m coming up behind you as you have a sweater dragging behind you”. As I’m saying that I’m now sort of behind and above him, to have him readjust the blanket around him. As he does this, I realize he’s in a hospital gown, wearing a hospital bracelet, and was hiding a beer on his lap. As my brain is processing this unexpected situation he quickly looks up at me and yells without hesitation, “#&*#ING GO!” and points with his beer to the end of the alley.

    I had no choice but to pull the sweater up as I grabbed the handles on the back of his wheelchair and with a quick glance to my friend who was holding the door, who was now in equal shock of disbelief, I pushed my new friend to the end of the alley at an abrupt pace, wondering how in the world I get myself into these unusual situations.

    After finally letting him carry on — on his own, I was left walking back wondering — Was he really on the lamb from the hospital? Am I now an accomplice in his getaway?
    As I got back to the door, Sascia was laughing so hard she was crying. Not the weirdest situation in the neighbourhood this week, maybe I’ll start to blog more of them.

    A good reminder that when you give, you should never have expectations, and there are surely learning lessons to be had.

  • cqwww 12:24 pm on June 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    I think a good question to ask oneself is in a current relationship (or the last one, if single), “where am/was I selfish” or “how am/was I selfish?”. One the biggest culprits in our society in terms of relationships, is selfishness. Love is 100% giving, not expectations. The trick in our culture is winning the lottery where the other person is also transitioning to selflessness at the same time you are. Selfishness is genderless.

    Kris (in a response to a thread on Facebook)
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    Renaming crypto(currency) to dmoney 

    When web logs started to be called blogs, there was a backlash from purists, but it’s now become ubiquitous. I even entitled this website as a digital log as my response. Perhaps it’s worth considering cryptocurrency to get a rebrand, just like we don’t call bills “paper money”. What do we propose for this new wave of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the altcoins?
    As of writing this, there are over 750 of them, and they won’t be doing away any time soon. There needs to be a clear differentiator — money as most people know it today is Fiat.

    Fiat money is a currency established as money by government regulation or law.

    so what should this new wave of currency be called? I’ll propose dmoney. It has a double meaning — digital money, as well as decentralized money — which is a common characteristic of most (but not all) what we today called cryptocurrencies.


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    Something to consider here, and in life. Are you complaining while offering or providing a solution yourself, or are you just complaining (in which case, recognize your usefulness). Kris
  • cqwww 1:05 pm on June 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    If you stand up for people whom have opposing views to your own, thank you for making the world better.

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    $2,000 invested in #Ethereum 3 yrs ago now worth $1,000,000 

    As my friend Gary (of Decentralized Dance Party fame) just stated, “$2,000 invested in #Ethereum 3 yrs ago now worth $1,000,000. Friends, pls look into #Blockchain tech. Opportunity of a lifetime.” also “$10,000 #Bitcoin investment in 2010 now worth 200 MILLION DOLLARS, Gold $9,900”

    If you don’t follow Bitcoin and the other altcoins yet, you should start by checking out

    • Scott Leslie 8:25 am on May 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      But why? Why is it now worth a million? Has that $2k created a million dollars of value in the world?

  • cqwww 8:00 am on May 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Teaching children to critically think 

    I was recently with a loved one who has children. One of their children asked me if Santa Claus was real. I didn’t want to lie, as it’s not my child, so I quickly brought the child to the parent and said, “This is a great question to ask [your parent]”. The parent quickly replied, “Well, do you think he is real? Why or why not?” which I was just amazed. The parent quickly looked at me and said, “I don’t want to lie to her”.

    This was amazing to me, I was so proud. Until I realized that this same parent brings this child to their favourite religious institution every week, and indoctrinates the child that their preferred god is real. Why do we not afford the same critical thinking skills to religion as we do to other invented holiday figures?


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    What Keeps You Content? – Data Driven Wellness 

    What Keeps You Content? []


    • Kris
    • Leo
    • Ivan
    • Trevor
    • Tyler
    • Zee
    • Jennifer
    • Scott
    • Harondel
    • John
    • Bill

    What keeps you content

    • Kaggle (Google bought them) – The local meetup is really informative
    • Content; Does it equate to being happy, or the other way around?
    • Stimulate his mind, keep him creative, keep him active
    • Re-aligning expectations – usally through journalling
    • 4 – not content, 2 person identifies as content – 2 on the fence (1 – content, not happy)
    • Yoga – even once a week works for me
    • share and willing to be vulnerable with coworkers, now feels like a family
    • 2* Sleep – Refuse to have an alarm clock – Work less party, “Alarm clocks kill dreams”
    • exercise
    • Time alone
    • Marijuana
    • tech to do the processes, but also don’t let it be a crutch
    • Meditating
    • Being outside
    • Diet
    • The definition of content (satisfied? comfort zone?)
    • The key to happiness – giving up on your goals (goals and expectations, especially from view of others, removed anxiety)
    • Stop followed my instinct – helped contentment. Thought I had to do certain things, like hanging around people, or be outdoorsy. Stopped exercising. I’m a fat buddha now.
    • Chatam House Rules
    • Over time, you stopped caring anymore, start to be more contentment
    • Yoga – free in parks in summer, “I love Bikram”. So many different types! Gentle
    • Meditation – Headspace app – So many types of it!
    • Haven’t got into the habit (meditation)
    • Vipassana, MDMA, and Burning Man.
    • Research shows multiplier if you do mental (meditation) and physical. (Ask Scott for link)
    • Waves of commitment and habit (1 year off, 1 intense month)
    • Nice yoga studio on Granville island, made of wood, overlooking the water
    • TM meditation – 20 minutes, 2x a day, more than 40mins value
    • Book: Body, Mind & Sport
    • HRV – Heart Rate Variability
    • Marco Altini
    • Yoga – it’s a big step to get to the first level
    • To someone with anxiety – Have you tried relaxing
    • Don’t push yourself too hard
    • Gaiam
    • Time alone – Spend it working on goals, always want more.
    • Time alone – torturous when laid off/unemployed.
    • The Power of Now
    • When alone, not really thinking, more working on stuff (busy & productive)
    • I was an introvert that thought I was an extravert
    • Nootropics
    • Drugs (Crystal meth equated as all drugs to one person)
    • Food is a source of exploration, the more I can consume, the better
    • keto diet – no carbs
    • modafinil
    • only recreational drug I do is social media
    • I eat whatever I want as long as it makes me happy. I don’t diet or restrict myself
    • in one day of master cleanse. I lose allergy to cherry blossoms. I’ve only done for 5 days, can do for 10 days. Body goes through an arch of energy (lack of).
    • MCT oil helps with brain fog.
    • Ashwagandha
    • Paleo diet
    • Looking at a menu – “What will make me feel the best after”
    • anxiety – tend to worry about too many thing. I liked realizing it happens to everyone. Everyone has different ways of dealing with it.
    • I’d never considered tracking my contenment. I have an emotion tracking app.
    • Contentment always feels below happiness, but maybe it’s a subset
    • if you’re always working on problems for yourself, you’re creating more problems
    • Everyone has their own diet
    • I feel safe and enjoy sharing my feelings
    • “If I knew this was happening I would have left” (I enjoyed it (he didn’t know what he was getting into, was here accidentally))
    • Shambhala Mediation

    Talk about next time:

    • Brain functions & chemicals (“I have issues with too much dopamine”)
    • Nootropics (4)
    • Quantified Self (2)
    • Recreational Drugs (2)
    • Biohacking
    • How to get back into engaging with others without triggering anxiety
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    I’ve heard of trademark and copyright infringement cases, but the winner has to be Actua’s Makermobile. The Government of Canada has apparently funded this cross country adventure with General Electric, Toyota, and Google, all appearing to be willing participants in what appears to be the most clear cut case of stealing another idea I’ve ever seen. They are currently in Vancouver, where the original, +3 three year old Makermobile exists. I’m not associated with the original Makermobile, but I speculate this is a grassroots community project that now finds its brand being circumvented by the government and large corporations who have either done their due diligence and decided to proceed anyway, or they did not do a basic Google search to discover the originator of the exact concept, including brand name with the exact same spelling.

    This seems like a David vs Goliath type story; I hope someone from the Government of Canada, GE, Toyota, or Google reaches out to the original team and makes things right.
    I’ve started a thread on Reddit , what do you think should be done?

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