Free university

I’ve written years ago about free online university courses, there’s no limit today on what you can learn other than what time you’re willing to put into it. Today with the announcement that Germany is offering tuition to all Canadian students, it’s time to start a global list of places Canada’s can go for a free post-secondary education, and it doesn’t seem to be in Canada.

  • Germany
  • Nordic nations Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (PhD free for Denmark & Sweden)
  • Finland. Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students will be introduced in autumn 2017 onwards for English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes. Doctoral level studies will remain free of tuition fees.

Low cost options:

  • France (~$350 CAD/year)
  • Argentina (small fee)
  • Austria (~$500 CAD/year)
  • India (under $5k CAD/year including accommodation)
  • Taiwan (under $2k CAD/year)
  • Czech Republic (~$1500 CAD/year)
  • Belgium (under $1000 CAD/year)
  • Italy (~$1000 CAD/year for public universities)
  • Spain (under $2000 CAD/year for public universities)
Conscious Canada

Conscious Canada

At the Ideas – Vancouver meetup tonight, we were discussing how many businesses there are that should be boycotted, and even if they are, as one voice, there’s not much change that is likely to happen. It was agreed that the only way change would happen, would be if the masses got on board. The result of the idea was the creation of the Conscious Canada subreddit.

The first objective of the subreddit is for you to take the time to list a non-political organization you think should be boycotted, and why. You want to have a compelling story, and likely with evidence, as to why it should be boycotted. If others in the subreddit agree, they will upvote it. If they disagree, it will get downvoted.

The agreement by joining the subreddit, is that by the end of the month, whichever company is listed at the top, you agree as a member of the subreddit, to boycott that company for one month. For example, it’s the beginning of September; whatever is at the top on Friday, September 30th will be boycotted by you and the others for all of October. If you’re on social media, you can link to the reason and use #ConsciousCanada hashtag, with the desired outcome that that organization will change the discussed behaviour.

I will be moderating the sub-reddit initially — I will be removing any issues that are political organizations, as well as any joke/gag issues (will bring to a vote at an ideas meeting if it’s debatable if an issue is a gag or not.

Remember, every penny you spend is a political statement on the world you want to live in. Join us.

Nobody lives past thirty

Something is not right


I saw this cartoon today, “Something’s just not right — our air is clean, our water is pure, we all get plenty of exercise, everything we eat is organic and free-range, and yet nobody lives past thirty”. I enjoyed this thought provoking cartoon.
It creates an opportunity to thank science (Vaccinations, antibiotics, science based GMOs, bio-tech) and put things into perspective!

Thunderbird Inbox Zero Plugin

Getting Thunderbird to Inbox Zero plugin

idea: I would love to help with this, if there are any developers who have the chops. I want a Thunderbird email plugin that at some (setting driven) interval takes a random old email in your Inbox and brings it to the top of your Inbox, with the goal of getting you to Inbox 0. Say for example 5 old emails, from random dates, are brought to the top. Most are likely not relevant any more so can be deleted or archived.

Thunderbird Inbox Zero Plugin

Idea: Thunderbird Inbox Zero Plugin

Even more advanced it would dynamically choose the number to bring to the top based on how many emails are in your Inbox, and how many it detects you process per day.

Any other suggestions for Thunderbird email users that are privacy conscious to get to Inbox zero, I would love to hear your suggestions!